Meet the Artist

Halimah Smith

Artpce was founded in 2020 by Halimah Smith, a self-taught visual artist and illustrator from Philadelphia, PA. With a deep passion for uplifting and celebrating Black people and Black culture, Artpce serves as a platform to showcase Halimah's artistic creations.

At the core of Artpce's mission is the commitment to highlight black joy, self-care, and social justice issues, while also supporting and promoting black-owned businesses. Through her artwork, Halimah seeks to create powerful and inspiring visuals that resonate with the Black community and beyond.

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Halimah's dedication to social impact is reflected through Artpce. The organization actively contributes to important causes, such as expanding the learning day for low-income children through donations to organizations like the After School Allstars.

Artpce's influence has garnered recognition from various influential platforms, including Revolt TV, Refinery 29, the NAACP, and many more. By amplifying her art through these channels, Halimah continues to reach a wide audience, spreading awareness and fostering meaningful conversations.

To learn more about Artpce, be sure to visit @artpce on all social media channels. Celebrate Black excellence, promote social justice, and support the Black community through the transformative power of art.