Wall Art Size and Placement Guide

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Discover The Right Size Art For Your Home

Selecting the ideal artwork size can be daunting, but we're here to assist! Refer to this guide for sizing recommendations that best suit your space. Don't hesitate to reach out via chat or email if you require further assistance.

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Wall Art Sizes

Small Consists of sizes that range between 8 and 16 inches in height and width. Choosing small wall art can be perfect for decorating shelves or for grouping together a series for a gallery. These sizes are great for arranging prints.

Medium Sizes between 20 to 32 inches in height and width. Choosing a medium size makes for great office wall art without adding too much distraction and clutter. Medium sizes are also great for hallways and foyers.

Wall art prints of this size can either stand alone or be grouped together. If your medium piece looks too small on your wall, hang a series of similarly sized vertical pieces to create a set.

Large For a polished look, choose a large wall art size. With a size range of 33 and 40 inches in width and height, large wall art is great as a centerpiece for your space. With large wall art, avoid grouping together with other similar-sized prints as you can quickly overcrowd your space. Looking for larger? Contact us!


Mapping It Out

Start by ensuring the artpce is well proportioned for the spot you’re going to hang it. The two main things to consider here are the size of the piece and how high you’re going to hang it. Marking out potential dimensions on your wall with a pencil or tape is a great outline to get an idea of the size direction you’ll need to head in!

Be sure to keep in mind the orientation of your wall art. For example, photo wall art or canvas wall art that’s in a landscape position will look better over a couch or bed, while portraits tend to look nice on narrower walls, such as in bathrooms or office spaces.

Arranging Your Art

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Designing a gallery wall is a unique and fun way to decorate your space and show off your custom wall art!

When arranging your gallery wall, ensure there is enough space around each piece, about two or three inches. This helps you avoid a layout that looks too messy and thrown together. Since we often read from left to right, placing larger and busier pieces on the left side can also work in your favor.

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Arranging Wall Art On Shelves Utilizing floating shelves or tables presents an alternative method for adorning your living space, particularly if you're hesitant about creating multiple holes in your walls.

Arranging wall art on these surfaces not only offers a visually appealing display but also allows for easy adjustment and flexibility in showcasing your favorite pieces.

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Centerpiece Wall Art Maybe you have one piece that you really want to show off in your space. Oversized wall art, if done right, can create a nice focal point for the room and fill up the wall in just the right way.

A centerpiece can help ground a gallery and serve as the focal point. If you can’t decide between two sizes, go bigger. Having a centerpiece that’s too small on a large wall will just look like an afterthought.

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